Experts term entrepreneurship most profitable career option for youth

Hyderabad: Speakers have stressed the need for youth to go for entrepreneurship as a career option, observing that the change in time has also brought about drastic change in the way businesses are done.

Wealth as a prerequisite for small ventures is no longer an obligation.

One can start a modest trade just by the help of a single laptop by exercising online options; as is the popular practice now a days with millions of people across the globe.

Youth should not only get abreast of such changes, but should also depart from traditional outlook of necessarily join government sector employment and should rather actively consider trying hands at entrepreneurship.

This they said in their technical presentations given in one-day seminar on “The Social and Psychological Aspects of Entrepreneurship at senate hall of vice-chancellor’s secretariat, University of Sindh, Jamshoro yesterday. The seminar was presided over by VC-SU Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat.

In his address on the occasion, Dr. Burfat said that intelligence; vibrant imagination, brain smartness and competence had effectively substituted possession of wealth and assets as a means of initiating trade.

“If we surf information on Google and other available online search engines we will come to know that innumerable successful and leading world entrepreneurs began business with the lowest wherewithal and humble means, and had later made it big by virtue of their powerful ideas and smart opportune moves. This exactly what you also need to do”, he said, directing his remark to students.

Dr. Burfat urged upon youth to get into a mind-mould by which they grew self-sufficient, learnt to be self-respectful and helped themselves instead of depending merely on their parents and relatives to get them placements in government domain.

Pro-vice chancellor Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed SU Campus Dadu Prof. Dr. Anwar Ali Shah G. Syed said thanked all national and international scholars for their passionate participation and termed the the seminar an extension of the 2-day international moot on ” Business, Economics and Information Technology” that concluded at the campus two days back. “The purpose of the seminar is to orient and stimulate youth to adopt private enterprises,” he explained.

German Scholar Frederic Christian Bolhmer asserted that success without sacrifices, without willingness to take on odds and without readily putting up with pains would not be possible. He said one deed done earnestly was far better than wasteful whirlpool of stray thoughts emanating from nothing and leading nowhere. Bolhmer advised youth to try their luck in emerging fields of opportunity like coal-mining, CPEC projects and solar energy ventures.

Canadian expert Dr. Nadeem Bhatti cited extensively from the world history to drive the point home that the most successful and the richest individuals in the world were those who opted not to get employed anywhere rather chose to run their own businesses.

Published in Daily Times, February 10th 2018.