Blasphemy hysteria

Sir: Recently, the news of a student murdering his school principle after accusing him of blasphemy were doing the rounds. To me, this was an indication that our society is in the process of destroying himself. Is this what Islam has taught us?

Too many people are murdered on the mere suspicion of blasphemy in our country. They are not given the right of a fair trial, and are lynched on the spot. This is contrary to Islam’s religious edicts which advocate the rule of law and right to a fair trial.

This is all happening because our people are not educated on true Islam. It is the duty of the respected Ulema to teach them that such actions are wrong. The government also needs to wake up and make amendments in our laws to prevent their unethical exploitation. Only the state has the authority to punish someone for any wrongdoing.



Published in Daily Times, February 10th 2018.