Is India a Threat to Global Stability?

Author: Rakhshanda Mehtab

Recently, the US has imposed sanctions on many corporations. Three of the 12 companies were based in India.
Sahara Thunder appears to be the primary front company involved in carrying out these operations, as per the US Treasury Department. Zen Shipping, Port India Private Limited, and Sea Art Ship Management (OPC) Private Limited are the three Indian enterprises that back Sahara Thunder.

These Indian companies have also been sanctioned by the Iranian Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics for their support of “Sahara Thunder.”

These sanctions were put in place as a direct result of their major contribution to funding the covert transfer of Iranian UAVs to Russia’s conflict in Ukraine. If we look at the history of India’s fraudulent activities, we see that it is not the first time they are facing sanctions.

Indian corporations are notorious globally for their illicit financing, commercial goods, and military equipment. The World Bank’s first report on efforts to combat corruption and safeguard donor resources revealed that a four-year and six-month ban was imposed on India’s Angelique International Limited due to allegations of fraud and corruption. The World Bank also outlawed Indian family care providers.

Together with businesses registered in Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, China, Serbia, Russia, Turkey, and Thailand, the India-registered company faced export limitations in February 2024 as a result of new EU regulations.

The US says that these Indian companies were found to be working against American interests, which exposes India’s hypocrisy. The United States has declared India its strategic ally, but India is proving to be very unreliable for all its allies, especially the West.

When it comes to utilising its markets and economic domains for its own gain, India has the worst track record. Its diaspora, which is among the biggest, has burdened West and Gulf countries by engaging in illicit activities in their host nations.

Many claim that India is an unreliable friend to anyone in the framework of global politics, including the US and Russia. Recently, Indian intelligence operatives have been operating in Qatar and Australia,against these nations’ interests. Major crimes were committed by the inhabitants of Qatar.

According to Brian E. Nelson, the United States’ Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, the country is and will continue to use all of its resources to fight those who fund destabilising activities.

In conclusion, the recent sanctions imposed by the US on three Indian companies for exporting drones illegally highlight India’s involvement in sowing discord throughout the globe by exporting its defence technology. This type of case was common earlier. Private individuals have occasionally been found participating in illegal uranium trades within India. The International community must take proactive measures to protect international norms and preserve global security and stability

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