Exposed: Pakistani businessman with Indian partner funding Adil Raja in UK

Author: Investigations Desk

A businessman from Mandi Bahauddin in Gujarat, Ahmad Jawad, is funding fugitive YouTuber Adil Farooq Raja through his law firm called Central Chambers Law Solicitors he has set up with his Indian business partner Mannu Vaish.

Evidence shows that Ahmad Jawad – who is also known as Ahmad Jawad Gondal – is sponsoring Adil Raja through his Central Chambers Law firm and his frontman and PTI UK leader Mahtab Anwar Aziz. Mannu Vaish, Ahmad Jawad and Mahtab Aziz work in close tandem with Adil Raja and his anti-Pakistan activities.

It’s interesting to note that Ahmad Jawad has set up the law firm with Indian national Mannu Vaish who is known for having close ties with the Indian High Commission in London. Ahmad Jawad and Mannu Vaish also provide support to PTI’s Shayan Ali and Haider Mehdi, according to people familiar with the activities of the network involved in dirty campaigns against Pakistani institutions. Ahmad Jawad and Mannu Vaish are Managing Director and owners of Central Chambers Law (CCL) that provides financial assistance to Adil Raja, Shayan Ali, Haider Mehdi and funds them.

Ahmad Jawad’s brother Moazzam Sheeraz confirmed his father Muhammad Abbas Gondal, mother Yasmeen Abbas and sister Hina Zafar are supporters of PTI. They are from Village Chhimmon, Tehsil & District Mandi Bahauddin. They are from Jutt/Gondal family of the area. Moazzam Sheeraz used to live in Spain but he lives in London now. Ahmad Jawad obtained law education but he doesn’t practise law himself but he set up Central Chambers Law with his Indian partner Mannu Vaish around seven years ago under Company number 11326453 and registered office address at “Central Chambers, Suite 2, The Broadway, London, England, W5 2NR”, according to UK Company House evidence.

Ahmad Jawad’s father Muhammad Abbas Gondal worked as a nurse in health department Punjab but he’s now retired.

Ahmad Jawad’s employee Mahtab Anwar Aziz is lawyer for both Shayan Ali and Adil Raja. Ahmed Jawad Gondal has regularly organised press conferences at his London officer through Mahtab Aziz to launch attacks on Pakistani institutions. Ahmad Jawad also organised press conference of PTI activist Syed Tasnim Haider at his office to blame General Bajwa for the killing of journalist Arshad Sharif. Syed Tasnim Haider and Shayan Ali have organised protest against Pakistani institutions in London, funded by Ahmad Jawad and his Indian partner. Their office and resources have regularly been used to lay false allegations against Pakistani institutions, Pakistan Army and Pakistan judiciary. Ahmad Jawad also hosted Sher Afzal Marwat when he visited UK last year.

Last month, Ahmad Jawad’s employee Mahtab Anwar Aziz told UK court during Adil Raja trial that PTI UK leader Shayan Ali suffers from serious mental health issues. Mahtab Anwar Aziz told the court in his statement that Shayan Ali, who was expelled last year from his London college over the same issues, was vulnerable and suffering from very serious mental health issues.

Mahtab Anwar Aziz made completely false and ludicrous allegations of terrorism, corruption, murder, kidnappings, torture, rigging, repression and censorship against Pakistani institutions before the English Court but failed to back up his claims with evidence.

The court imposed a fine of £10000 on Adil Raja for defamation of a retired Pakistani brigadier.

On instructions of Ahmad Jawad, Mahtab Anwar Aziz gave 12 pages supporting statement to Adil Raja for the court but the court rejected his statement and told him there is no evidence of his lies against Pakistani institutions.

The court set deadline of 17 April 2024 for Adil Raja to pay the fine but last week Mahtab Anwar Aziz told the court in writing that Adil Raja, who claims to be a billionaire contractor formerly working with the military for land acquisitions, is broke and can only pay £35 per month to the court. Mahtab Aziz didn’t tell the court that Adil Raja has separately earned almost £45,000 in GoFundMe donations.

A source at Central Chambers Law said that Ahmad Jawad had helped Adil Raja set up the funding page, managed by two staff at Central Chambers Law but the page has now been taken off by Adil Raja.

Adil Raja claims to be a “billionaire contractor” who formerly worked closely with the military for land acquisitions but his lawyer Mahtab Aziz claims that he is broke and can only pay £35 per month. Raja has separately earned almost £45,000 in GoFundMe donations.

Lying to the court about Adil Raja’s finances and to save him, Ahmad Jawad’s firm told the court that Adil Raja “was in great financial difficulties and would not be in a position to pay these costs as per the Court Order” because his “income stream was abruptly stopped when the social media platform hosting his videos cancelled our client’s account at the request of the establishment (ISI). Our client has since been receiving limited income as a Director of his company, Black Beret Media Limited. You will note that our client receives a net wage of £1,200 per month. In the circumstances and taking all of the expenditure into account, our client seeks to pay you an agreed sum of £35.00 per month to clear the costs ordered as there is already a shortfall of over £200 in his current outgoings which Mr Raja is having to fulfil through borrowing and other donations.”

Adil Raja had earlier told the court that his total defamation case costs will be over £250,000. Mahtab Anwar Aziz said in a statement that Central Law Chambers owner Ahmad Jawad takes care of all costs of Adil Raja and Shayan Ali which are now over £250,000.y

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