Fear of poisoning, Bushra Bibi ordered to undergo endoscopy test in 2 days

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Fear of poisoning, Bushra Bibi ordered to undergo endoscopy test in 2 days

The petitions related to the medical examination of PTI founder and Bushra Bibi were accepted by the accountability court.

A hearing on the 190 million pound reference case against PTI founder and Bushra Bibi was held at Adiala Jail in Rawalpindi.

The case was heard by Accountability Court Judge Nasir Javed Rana.

During the hearing, the court ordered Bushra Bibi’s endoscopy test to be done in a private hospital in 2 days.

The court has ordered that Bushra Bibi’s endoscopy test should be done under the supervision of Dr. Asim Younis and the government doctor.

Judge Nasir Javed Rana also ordered the immediate removal of the additional walls installed in the court.

The court directed the jail administration that the hearing will not proceed until the walls are removed.

After the court order, the hearing was adjourned for one hour.

On behalf of PTI’s lawyers, during the hearing, the media filed an application regarding the difficulties.

On this, Judge Nasir Javed Rana called the media representatives to the rostrum.

Journalists told the court that there were difficulties in hearing the proceedings.

Judge Nasir Javed Rana directed the jail administration to take steps.

The court later adjourned the hearing on the £190 million reference till April 23.

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