Elected Assembly and Expectations

Author: Ali Anwar

The elected members of the assembly for the 2024 elections have taken their oaths. Pakistan’s 16th National Assembly has been formed, while the decision on the new Prime Minister of the country will be made on the 3rd of March.

The joint candidates of the Muslim League-N and PPP, former Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, are once again in the field for this position, while the Sunni Ittehad Council, the independent members of PTI, have nominated Omar Ayub for this role. It is a positive sign that this is Pakistan’s continuous, 4th assembly that completed its term, and it is hoped that if politicians maintain a tolerant attitude towards each other, this assembly will also surely complete its term.

Before the elections, there were significant doubts and suspicions about the conduct of the elections. Sometimes the severity of the weather was mentioned, and sometimes there were other concerns. However, it was Army Chief Gen Asim Munir who rightly deserves appreciation, who, while emphasizing his constitutional responsibilities, stated that they would fulfil their duties regarding the security of the elections according to the orders of the Election Commission, which holds them responsible for the responsibilities provided by the constitution of Pakistan, and they will fulfil the security duties of the elections and play their full role in completing the democratic process in Pakistan.

It is the responsibility of politicians to hold each other’s hands instead of making allegations against each other and think about the country.

Now, it is the responsibility of politicians to hold each other’s hands instead of making allegations against each other, think about the country and lead Pakistan forward. Unfortunately, it has been a tradition in our country that whoever faces failure in elections tries to cast doubt on the entire democratic process, and their biggest effort is to start raising their voice against the system itself if they do not benefit from it.

On the 3rd of March, a new Prime Minister of Pakistan will be elected, and heavy responsibilities will be placed on them to lead Pakistan out of difficulties. Because at this time, Pakistan is facing economic challenges, strong democracy and strong political action are needed, and if this democracy is derailed, Pakistan’s problems will increase.

Some people are writing letters to the IMF and complaining about Pakistan’s elections. In my opinion, this action is not appropriate because there will be elections if there is Pakistan, assemblies will be formed, and if Pakistan becomes prey to hunger, then all social activities in Pakistan can become stagnant.

In my opinion, selling family secrets Publicly is not appropriate. Now that Pakistan’s people have elected you, it is the responsibility of politicians to solve the country’s problems. There is a need for politicians, powerful forces, and the people to come together to save the country. Now is the time for us to be sensible; the survival and security of the country demand that all stakeholders set aside personal interests and jointly work towards the revival of the economy because a strong and prosperous Pakistan is our guarantee of survival.

And as long as Pakistan is not economically strong, we will not get the respect and dignity in the world that we desire. Today, we have to go to the IMF, or if the new government is formed, we will have to go to the IMF along with it.

We have to think about the country, and politicians need to chart a course that can lead us to a strong and prosperous Pakistan. Because our politicians have the responsibility to understand that people have understood who can do what it’s not time to blame institutions, now instead of blaming each other, they need to take responsibility. As far as institutions are concerned, the institutions have conducted the elections, the people have given their mandate, and now whoever has received the mandate has the right to it.

As for the delay in election results, I have already stated in my previous column that Pakistan is not a unique or singular country where election results are delayed; elections were held in Indonesia in early February, and the official announcement of the results will be made on the 20th of March. So, while staying in this system, we should continue our efforts, and the situation will not be right by wrapping up the system or blaming someone.

These situations will be corrected by formulating policies, and policies will only be organized when our democratic system is strong, and the strength of the Parliament is conditional on the respect and dignity of our politicians. If our politicians do not respect each other’s mandate and instead accuse each other and consider themselves righteous and consider their opponents as thieves, then the affairs will deteriorate, and the Parliament will not be strong.

When the Parliament is not strong, then the purpose for which the people have sent their elected representatives to the assembly, if these representatives do not sanctify this assembly, the people will not get any benefits from this assembly. Therefore, for the happiness and prosperity of the people and the country, if we cannot hold each other’s hands, then at least we should not push each other’s hands away so that people do not lose confidence in this democratic system.

The writer is an old Aitchisonian who believes in freedom of expression, a freelance columnist, entrepreneur and social activist.

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