Pakistan’s pearls and precious stones see 47% increase in China’s market

Author: APP

BEIJING: Pakistan’s Pearls and Precious Stones saw a 47% increase in exports from Pakistan to China in 2023, signaling not only the growing demand for these natural beauties in the Chinese market but also the potential of Pakistan’s mining and gemstone industry.

Karim Jan, a Pakistani gem and jewelry exporter to China, told China Economic Net that Pakistan’s northern and northwestern areas are rich in mineral resources, boasting gems like vibrant topaz, deep red rubies, green emeralds, and sapphires, Gwadar Pro reported on Friday.

Extracting these gems is a delicate process, relying on the skilled hands and age-old techniques of local miners and artisans. Pakistan can further improve by utilizing Chinese skills.

“As Chinese consumers increasingly seek out rare and high-quality gemstones, Pakistani gems, known for their unparalleled beauty and craftsmanship, are finding a prominent place in this competitive landscape.

The reciprocal nature of this growing trade relationship promises a mutually beneficial future for both nations, with Pakistani gems shining brightly in the vast Chinese market,” he stated.

According to sources from Pakistan’s Ministry of Commerce, Pakistan’s Pearls and Precious Stones exported to China crossed $4.34 million in 2023, whereas last year it was $2.95 million, indicating an increase of 46.88%.

He further mentioned that semi-precious stones under commodity code (71031000) were above $3.72 million, marking an increase of 27.75% in 2023.

He further stated that this remarkable achievement highlights the industry’s resilience and the growing global appetite for its exquisite pearls and precious stones.

As Pakistan continues to navigate the complexities of the international market, the focus on innovation, sustainable practices, and enhancing the skills of its artisans will be key to maintaining momentum.

The success seen this year is a promising indicator of what’s possible when tradition and modernity converge, ensuring that the luster of Pakistan’s gem industry shines on the world stage for years to come.

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