Gold Rate In Pakistan Today 29 May 2023

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Gold Rate in Pakistan today on 29 May 2023 is being sold for Rs. 202332 per 10 grams, and the price of Gold is Rs. 236000 per tola in Pakistan today.

Gold Rate In Pakistan Today

Karachi is the central hub of the gold market, in Pakistan, Karachi is leading for the gold price, and every city follows Karachi Sarafa Bazar Association for the gold price, Today gold rates for different cities including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Quetta are the same.

Gold Rate In Pakistan, 29 May 2023

Gold Rate 24K Gold Rate Today 22K Gold Rate Today 21K Gold Rate Today 18K Gold Rate Today
Gold Rate per Tola Today Rs 236,000 Rs 216,332 Rs 206,500 Rs 177,000
Gold Rate per 10 Gram Today Rs 202,332 Rs 185,470 Rs 177,040 Rs 151,749
Gold Rate per Gram Today Rs 20,233 Rs 18,547 Rs 17,704 Rs 15,175
Gold Rate per Ounce Today Rs 573,603 Rs 525,800 Rs 501,903 Rs 430,202

Check the latest Gold prices updated on Daily Times news’s website. The standards of gold rates are accumulated in London Bullion Market and sometimes by IMF as they have the sole authority.

Daily Times keeps an eye on today’s gold rate in Pakistan on daily basis.
*The prices mentioned above are without implemented taxes.

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