Getting to know Najam Mazari and his company Chiltan Pure

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Malik Najamuddin Mazari Baloch is Pakistan’s first certified aromatherapist as well as a nature enthusiast and organic expert.

He envisions a delightful and organic world filled with health and beauty. Najam Mazari’s passion and love for organic and natural goodness encouraged him to get closer to nature.

Born and brought up in a traditional Baloch Mazari Muslim Sunni family in Quetta, Balochistan, Najam Mazari graduated from FC University. He then enrolled in the MBA programme at the University of Management & Technology. He belongs to the Mazari Baloch tribe; Najam Mazari has four brothers and two sisters, including him. Due to his religious beliefs regarding prophetic guidelines, he is an empathic person.

Najam Mazari’s goal is to meet the needs of people and the planet by using pure and simple ingredients and time-tested manufacturing processes in all his products. “Organic refers to anything related to or derived from living matter,” he says.

Organic products are prepared and processed without synthetic fertilisers, pesticides or additives. Eating organic foods and avoiding pesticides and toxins can improve overall health and lead to a healthier and better lifestyle.

In 2015, after decades of hard work and passion for an organic way of living, Najam Mazari established his own company, Chiltan Group of Industries. ChiltanPure is now Pakistan’s #1 renowned domain for organic and natural products. ChiltanPure has been certified to ISO 9001:2015 with 800+ skin, hair and food products.

Nature inspired Najam Mazari to come up with the inception of ChiltanPure!

The Chiltan Group of Industries also provides a private labeling business, which enables multiple organisations to produce high-quality products. ChiltanPure also collaborates with private labeling businesses for the brand Nur by Juggun.

For the first time in Pakistan’s history, Malik Najamuddin Mazari published a book on 100 edible, skincare and haircare organic and pure oils! His book 100 Miracle Oils for Health & Well-Being reveals the advantages of essential, infused, and carrier oils for aromatherapy, healthcare and well-being.

Chiltan Group of Industries owns 10 brands that are marketed on Mamas Jan. Mamas Jan store provides the finest organic products in Pakistan to help one explore the soul of beauty with nature’s goodness.

Mama’s Jan store carries the following sub-brands:
Calm & Relax
Bolan Clinic
Nur By Juggun Kazim
Dasht Spices
My Mimi

Organic products are pure, manufactured, obtained, or prepared under organic agriculture regulations. Mamas Jan is an online shopping store that offers consumers pure and organic skin, hair and body care products.

Skincare items
Vitamin C Serum
Facial Kit
Pinkish Lip & Cheek Tint
Skin Brightening Cream
Confidence Serum

Food products
Moringa Powder
Pait Safai
Ashoo Powder
Bael Fruit Powder
Desi Ghee

Hair care products
Red Onion & Black Seed Hair Oil
Biotin Serum
Keratin Conditioner
Red Onion Shampoo

Najam Mazari’s goal is to meet the needs of people and the planet by using pure and simple ingredients and time-tested manufacturing processes in all his products

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