PTI’s Mubashar Cheema thrashes truck driver after accident

A lawyer thrashed two men including the driver who accidentally rammed a truck into his car in Wazirabad.

According to police, Advocate Mubashir Cheema, former president of PTI beat up the truck driver and his helper at the site of the accident and then forcefully took them to his chambers.

The lawyer made them lay down on the floor and tortured them with a stick. There were other lawyers present there but no one stopped him.

There were other advocates sitting there as well but no one stopped him. The two men apologised to Cheema multiple times. He did not, however, listen to them.

A video of the incident went viral on social media after which the police took action against the advocate.

An FIR has been registered while the police said that the suspect will be punished according to law.


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