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Entrepreneurship seminar held at PUCIT

The seminar titled “Entrepreneurship Momento, 2020” was held at Punjab University College for Information Technology which was attended by around 150 students of the college. The members of the media society made an attempt to bring about a change in the mindset of the present students and change their approach towards self-reliance.

Dr Muhammad Arif Butt, principal PUCIT said that the entrepreneurship seminar is aimed to stimulate the creation, growth and sustainable development of Micro, Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs).

By facilitating the development of skills acquisition, providing mentorship to existing businesses and prospective entrepreneurs, and offering instructions on how to register their businesses and other tips for business startups and growth, the speakers were also determined to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit among the students.

Addressing the large gathering, Mr Arif Butt said that the seminar is expected to develop awareness among stakeholders and to educate the young entrepreneurs about the various possibilities of business development in IT sector, how to use the technology and the ease of business being facilitated by the government for promoting their business in the field of information technology.

The notable panelist, Mr Shehryar Taseer, CEO Pace group and publisher Media Times while addressing the students remarked that Pakistani social enterprises have experienced a recent spike in the number of new start-ups, and most social enterprises are led by young people.

Taseer further stated, “No society is ever free of problems but I am taking a different stance on it. What if we say that “Every problem is an opportunity” and the key is to dig out the solution and build up your foundations of financial security that are firm enough to support the social cause you are working for, thus providing you with a sense of high self-esteem, contentment and a pride that you have played your part in the betterment of the society you live in.”

He asserted while concluding that happiness and success are the byproduct of action. Take steps towards fulfillment by engaging in the never-ending process of self-improvement. If success and fulfillment is what makes our lives worthwhile, then we need to put problems back in their proper place.

Mr Mudassir Malik, CEO App Geni shed light on another aspect of entrepreneurship. He opined that sense of accomplishment comes from witnessing your own growth. When you’re able to hit the pause button and reflect on the substantial changes in your life, you feel a sense of meaning and purpose. Practicing gratitude for these changes propels you with the motivation to continue striving for success, and makes all of your sacrifices worthwhile.

The group of members from the media body will continue their interactive seminars so that students can approach us if they have any ideas or prospects,” added PUCIT media society.

Mr Asim Siddique, founding member of PUCIT media society revealed that the media society was made to empower students through information dissemination and skill development workshops. The focus is on areas as diverse as arts, crafts, culture, literature, gender equality, entrepreneurship and activities that enable students to become independent and speak against injustice across all sections of society.


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