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‘Sharper than a serpent’s tooth’

Of all the vices in nature, which cause the severest burning of feeling and are most universally felt are 'Ingratitude'…

22 seconds ago

The Guillotine of Divine Justice

The police force of Sindh has earned a laurel internationally for its brutality. The force was quite well known for…

2 mins ago

Raging Black Coats

On Thursday, December 12, 2019 I woke up early to go through the formulations again on a brief I had…

12 mins ago

‘Uncut Gems’ mines the best of Adam Sandler’s talent

By now, we shouldn't be too surprised by this cultural contradiction known as Adam Sandler. It's obvious that Sandler, the…

15 mins ago

Mexico’s most famous living author stands by sex abuse claim

Mexico's most famous living author, Elena Poniatowska, is standing by her claim that she was sexually abused by an older…

15 mins ago

‘Code 8’

Essentially a humbler, grungier indie "X-Men" without the same dependence on splashy effects, "Code 8" is a solid genre effort…

15 mins ago