What United can learn from Madrid’s transfer strategy

Five signings – Hazard, Jovic, Mendy, Militao, Rodrigo – have changed Real Madrid’s status from sleeping giant to potential Champions League competitors. By comparison, another rebuilding project – one much larger and more desperate, Manchester United, have only managed one signing, and that too was only Championship winger Daniel James. The difference? Ambition. End goal. While Real Madrid is led by owners willing to spend money in order to challenge in Europe’s top competition, Manchester United are stuck in a situation, where they have become a business instead of a football club. Coupled with the fact that the football market has exploded of recent with prices skyrocketing, the Red Devils are in a tough spot, which will need numerous years of fixing — but also a busy summer transfer window, which, at the current moment, isn’t occurring. What is known, however, is the fact that Manchester United have stumbled because of the lack of Champions League football. Additionally, the club keeps attempting to lower the price, which has caused the delay of various signings. It is the free-spending, and scouting, which Real Madrid have excelled at, that Manchester United need to learn from. In just a few weeks, Real Madrid has identified realistic targets and paid the required fee – nothing less, nothing more. Furthermore, their signings fit the mould of Real’s philosophy, but also, walk the walk by matching the asking price and buying the player. With strong scouting, and meeting the asking price, signings could come in quickly, which will alter the path at which Manchester United will return to it’s best.


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