Future doctor killed in alleged encounter

KARACHI: A young medical student, Nimrah Baig, was killed on Friday night during an exchange of fire between police and an alleged group of thieves in North Karachi.

A police party was tailing suspects fleeing a property after committing robberies when they started exchanging fire with them at Anda Mor. The cross-fire shot a passer-by, Nimrah, in her head, according to a statement by police officials.

She was taken to Jinnah Hospital where she succumbed to her injuries. Police officers claimed that the 22-year-old medical student was hit by a bullet fired by the robbers.

The fateful cross-fir also killed one suspect, identified as Riaz Malik.

The uncle of the deceased has asked for a post-mortem on her dead body to investigate which side’s bullet killed her.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Central, Arif Rao, gave his personal assurance that the incident would be investigated in a thorough manner.

In the meantime, Nimrah’s doctor has claimed that no bullet could be seen on her x-rays and CT scans and she had probably suffered damage to her skull as a bone was found broken.

“It is likely that she was shot from a small weapon, however, it is hard to ascertain until a post-mortem is conducted,”  the doctor maintained.