A little bit of homework can go a long way

“Shahi, stand up! Come and show me your assignment,” Sir Shakeel ordered his student during English class. Shahi stood up fearfully and gave the notebook to his teacher. “Oh no! Once again, you have done your assignment carelessly. Why do not you do them seriously? Don’t you see your mistakes when I mark them for you? You keep taking down notes but even then, your assignments are good for nothing,” scolded the teacher in front of his classmates.

“Sir, I always try to do them seriously but…,” Shakeel said, helplessly.

“But what? If you did them seriously, it would reflect in your work. It seems that a Grade 1 student has done it. From now onwards, I don’t want to listen to any excuse and I want you to be serious in your studies,” the teacher scolded.

Shahi’s best friend Shahzeb felt bad for Shahi. Shahzeb had often asked Shahi to join him in tuition class but Shahi had always refused.

Shahzad had time and again tried to change Shahi’s routine but to no avail. He wasn’t interested in studies and even neglected homework. Shazeeb scolded him multiple times but he was the same and no change was to be seen.

Suddenly, a brilliant idea came to Shahzeb’s mind. He planned on telling Shahi’s parents that. Maybe they will in that way, keep a check on Shahi and scold him. On the following Sunday, Shahzeb headed over to Shahi’s home and told his parents everything.

The parents thanked him for making them aware about Shahi’s activities.

When Shahi came home that evening after playing football with his friends, he found his father standing in the doorway, looking furious. He asked Shahi the reason for not studying.

“But dad, I try to keep a fine balance between my playtime and studies. Can’t you see,” Shahi cried.

“Stop right there. Don’t lie to me. I’m well aware about your activities. So, don’t you feel ashamed that everyday your teachers insult and scold you in front your classmates? Don’t you feel ashamed that you are hiding the truth and lying to your parents? We’re not your foes rather we always think the good things for you in order to make your future bright. Now go and bring your bag and show me your copies,” ordered his father.

Shahi began crying and went to fetch his bag.

“Skim through your notes and feel a little ashamed. This is not burden, my child. This is education. You need to know the importance of homework and do it willingly so your mistakes can be rectified. In fact, the more you work hard, the easier you will achieve success,” his father said, gently.

“Dad, I am really sorry for each and everything. I was not aware of the importance of homework. I just thought that the teachers will check it and there’s no need to take any pressure. But today, I have realised the real importance of assignments and their benefits. It’s my promise to you that I’ll improve,” Shahi said with tears in his eyes and hugged his father.

Much to the surprise of everyone, Shahi proved his worth and began studying hard.

The writer teaches at DELTA and can be reached at shakeelphullan137@gmail.com

Published in Daily Times, February 23rd 2019.


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