Peace between India and Pakistan: The only viable solution

The people of India and Pakistan are well aware of the conspiracies that the British imperialists hatched to gain power in India. At the conclusion of World War I, when the law and order situation in India was quite abnormal, some of the people started a struggle with the aim of getting rid of British imperialism. Later, this struggle was divided on the basis of the Two Nation Theory; yet, it continued, and the British imperialists finally decided to partition India on the basis of the Two Nation Theory. Thus, in 1947, India and Pakistan emerged on the world map.

Although, thanks to the competency and the fine strategy of their sincere and selfless leaders, the Indian people won freedom from the British imperialists. However, peace between the two countries could not be established due to many reasons mainly due to foreign conspiracies. The prime cause of this instability between the two states was that the British imperialists had freed India out of compulsion; they had never wanted peace there. Therefore, they did all that they could to destabilize it to forward their own interests. The British imperialists were obviously unjust in their geographical division of India; they fanned religious and ethnic violence; they promoted prejudices in settling the refugees and unjustly distributed the government assets so that peace could never be established in the region.

Then, following independence, the British imperialists continued their politics with malafide intentions to weaken the newly formed sovereign governments in India and Pakistan. Moreover, United States started intervening to achieve its own imperial designs. All these things adversely affected peace in India and Pakistan. As a result, the two countries fought their first war over the Kashmir issue. Since the US economy was very strong, the US influence on the governments in India and Pakistan grew following this war, while British influence dwindled because of the weak British economy. Thus, the freedom that the people of India and Pakistan won after offering the sacrifice of their lives and property began to change from one power to another stronger power. However, this time around, it was not a direct dominance of the British imperialists; rather, it was an indirect one by the United States.

Then, following independence, the British imperialists continued their politics with malafide intentions to weaken the newly formed sovereign governments in India and Pakistan. Moreover, United States started intervening to achieve its own imperial designs. All these things adversely affected peace in India and Pakistan

It is only because of US politics that the border issues between India and China was created. A part of Pakistan seceded to become Bangladesh. In 1965, Pakistan and India fought a war; and today, separatist elements in both the countries are being patronized. The formation of the free government in India & Pakistan is not being encouraged and the Kashmir issue is not being allowed to be resolved through UN resolutions. Even after 71 years, Pakistani and Indian government and their military commanders have failed to resolve this major national issue because of the US’ entangled politics.

No sensible man can deny the role of US politics in all the miscreant and terrorist incidents in India and Pakistan. No two people can come close to each other unless their governments are practically independent to allow it to happen and cooperate with the people. We have the example of Germany and France before us. France fell prey to German aggression in the two world wars; however, following World War II, the two countries made agreements. The result is that they made rapid progress and have today become prosperous. Today, the governments of Germany and France are true representatives of their people and are free & independent. They make their decisions, themselves; and no third country influences their rule. The high US authorities do not visit Germany and France as frequently as they visit India and Pakistan. It is a historical fact that the United States and its army have never established peace in any country. Wherever there is peace, we should understand that the government there is a true representative of its people and is free from the influence of the United States or any other imperialist power. Peace cannot be established in India and Pakistan unless these countries obtain freedom from the imperialist state (s) & work independently to promote democracy.

The Indian and Pakistani governments have held prime minister-level talks to establish peace; talks have also been held at the ministerial and secretarial levels. They have tried bus and train services; trade delegations have been tried; and several other efforts have also been made. Yet, they have failed to establish peace. I believe peace between India and Pakistan can be established only when the two countries win freedom from the imperialistic state (s). This is the only solution for establishing peace between India and Pakistan. Even if we hold talks for 71 more years, send and receive delegations, and take other measures, peace will not be established.

India and Pakistan will have to once again wage a struggle to obtain freedom especially from US influence as an imperialist state. If the struggle of the two countries is successful, and the two countries are able to strengthen and secure their freedom, peace will be the end result; the Indian and Pakistani governments will then be free and represent their people and they will be able to take action for the progress of the masses.

The author is an advocate and freelance writer

Published in Daily Times, February 22nd 2019.


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