Organisational behaviour

Sir: Most of employees thought that their primary work is assigned by their managers. We all just go through our basic job descriptions.

A person who does extra work and spends more time is called organizational citizenship Behavior (OCB). It does not create sense of ownership toward our intuitions. If a person doing more work than his assigned task it means he has more respect and more attachment with his organization OCB creates the sense of purpose.

Employees will feel their work more purposeful and meaningful. OCB will increase more job satisfaction, quality and productivity. It will decrease interpersonal conflicts as well. OCB can set an example for lower staff. Leaders need to set example and implement behavior. Cultures and trend can be set by higher authorities.

OCB encourages the team work. Employees can see themselves playing a vital role. If employees feel themselves important in organization it will increase their efficiency of work. OCB allows employees to feel strong control at their work, and they feel good to helping others. We all need to perform OCB at our work stations.

Unfortunately in government organization, I observed lack of OCB. If you required any information at any government organization, one person will send you to the other and the whole day you will be running round and round to complete your work. Actually we do not have sense of ownership. We do not treat government originations as our own. If we want to grow as nation we need to treat organizations as our own. We have to perform OCB at government organizations as well because in private organization somehow we fell that at the end OCB will help us and we will get tangible or intangible outcome from it. But in government organizations we do not hope any outcome. All we have to perform OCB for peaceful and productive Pakistan.



Published in Daily Times, February 22nd 2019.