Three magical strategies for Pakistan’s economy

Without a doubt the entire world is passing through the eye of the needle.  The miniaturization of commerce is a new and invisible force, the rapid commercialization of innovations and the fastest mobilization of entrepreneurial talents are new unstoppable compressions while the fears of pending global economic collapse are challenging all models, unfortunately, not all nations will survive.

Three immediately deployable transformation strategies for Pakistan

ONE: National Digitalization of Midsize Economy: Websites and social media hipstery are now new tools for preschoolers. Today economic powerhouse creation demands sophisticated stages of interactive-global-access-economy-models with full blown multi-media for global showcasing of all products and services with massive visualization and digitalization for each and every small and midsize business organization offered as global trading platforms.  This is new science, each and every goods and services produced within a nation can be easily and economically introduced to the world with sophisticated beauty. However, this is not to be confused with the current websites and IT departments. This is all about each and every intermediate potential gateway already responsible and mandated to foster economic and export growth needs re-incarnation and realignments to perform in synch with each other at highest level of efficiency, accuracy and all in full living colors to reach out to the open world of 7 billion online connected populace. This is the new reality, nations without this level of mobilized smartness will only gasp for export dollars. These blueprints once deployed on national mobilization and midsize business realignments can achieve massive boost within months. These operations are not funding dependent but execution centric and hungry for smart and pragmatic decisions. This is not IT but about creating the ‘third-eye’ of soft-power-asset-management-centricity. Academia and Ivy League boredom has not figured this out yet. This is superior knowledge on topics of Mobilization of National Entrepreneurialism.

With CPEC and OBOR as a mega national force along with dynamic youth trapped in a unique geographic position, a brand-new world has suddenly opened. What Pakistan does not have is time, and it may once again lose out in this new race of 100 plus micro-power-nations to end up as a spectator all over again, if it does not lead with its own revolutionary ideas

TWO: National Uplifting of Million Entrepreneurs as Frontline Economic Leaders: While university education has failed in creating effective business leadership and global age skills for new dynamics, the global age demands new thinking, speed of execution and deeper understanding of new frontiers. Techno calamity, how free overflow of technology has swept large and mid-size enterprises, while creating brand new models of growth, is the answer the world needs now. Alpha-Dreamers understand this and realize how five billion well-connected populations can now dream and create a brand-new world. Collaborative-Synthesizim is how a new universe has opened and smart deployment of ideas with new alliances and new accessibility make their way to markets. Reality shows us that super-power-nations are failing and micro-power-nations are spreading their wings on collaborative-synthesizim and moving forward. The blueprints on massive training in simultaneous synchronization is here; it lays out transformational methodologies for uplifting 1000-10,000 small and mid-size entrepreneurs and equally various public service frontline departments in various sectors and region to amazing new global age performance heights. The multiplying impact will result in massive transformation and the creation of a force of a million new economic leaders within a nation. This can change the regional and national landscapes within 1-2 years. With so much waste already burying untapped frontiers, these new uplifting operations by and large are deployment centric and will not necessarily be new funding dependent.

THREE: National Mobilization of Grassroots Economy: These new proposed transitions designed to open new frontiers are all big and small revolutions, befitting the narrow economic growth passages of the eye of the needle. With some 100 plus micro-power-nations in this race already, Pakistan is no exception, and under Prime Minister Imran Khan, an extra-ordinary leader dedicated to creating grassroots prosperity, Pakistan has acquired a powerful new vision while the PTI party as an amazing and intelligent group and juxtaposed to massive relearning and retraining of public and private sector mindset and skilled management to deal with new challenges. With CPEC and OBOR as a mega national force along with dynamic youth trapped in a unique geographic position, a brand-new world has suddenly opened. What Pakistan does not have is time, and it may once again lose out in this new race of 100 plus micro-power-nations to end up as a spectator all over again, if it does not lead with its own revolutionary ideas. The blue-prints on mobilization carves out smooth new surgical procedures on public bodies, already mandated to foster economic growth. How such departments will be guided to adopt new and intelligent deployments to downstream new cascading of free technologies to shine amongst the global race of image supremacy of innovative excellence and performance. The rest of the climb becomes increasingly easy. The creation of national debates and discussions delivered in a 24×7/365 format creates massive simultaneous synchronization and gets the private and public sectors all on the same page within months.

Advanced reading on Google: The Supremacy of Innovation. The global-age-commerce and skill gaps of new frontiers, how ‘entrepreneurial-quotients’ are now the new drivers of global-age-economics, the burden of bureaucracies and wasted academia on business expansion. National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism. Dancing on The Global Stage of Commerce. How global age is making massive transformation easier, faster and almost free but only when smart visions meet smart execution. What were the key-topics discussed across Pakistan by Expothon Strategy during the last 100 days? How can the ideas of 24x7x365 mobilization that were discussed in Octara-Debates be implemented? How some of the blueprints were tabled and what were the key observations and challenges? Now that the primary concepts have been brought out the questions in open, what makes sense for immediate mobilization and deployment while the global races are on. What are the next steps and what are the next advancements?

Naseem Javed is a corporate philosopher, world-class speaker, author and Chairman of Expothon Worldwide; a think tank on Image Supremacy of Innovative Excellence & Entrepreneurial Leadership. He is leading charge on entrepreneurial leadership transformation and a recognized authority on global digital trends, image complexities how they impact business performances and create global age skill shifts. His recent work on Expothon Strategy is getting global attention. He can be connected via LinkedIn:

Published in Daily Times, December 13th 2018.


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