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Nawaz Sharif begged the jail boss to make a quick phone call to his son in vain Arshed Waheed Chaudhary wrote a touching story in Jang (December 8). On September 11, 2018, Mian Nawaz Sharif got an inkling that he would not be able to see his wife, Kulsum, alive. He was in solitary confinement at the time. He started feeling an eerie restlessness. With a great deal of embarrassment, he was thinking of what Kulsum had said to her maid when she gained consciousness. “Why doesn’t Nawaz call me now? Why doesn’t he make me a video call?” Nawaz Sharif requested the police officials to arrange his meeting with the jail superintendent forthwith.

The police officials apologized, saying that there not in a position to oblige him. He emphasized the importance of the meeting to the police officials, prompting to relent. After SP’s permission, they took Nawaz Sharif to him. Nawaz Sharif requested the SP to make it possible for him to have a two-minute conversation with his son, Hussain Nawaz. With utmost respect, the SP apologized to Mr. Sharif that he had already exhausted his quoted of 22 minutes of telephone conversation. Upon this, Nawaz Sharif started cajoling and begging him. He told the SP that his wife was gravely ill and that he wanted to his only for two minutes. The SP’s eyes moistened and he replied to the three-term prime minister: “I can understand your situation. But if I let you make this phone call, I will lose my job and will be thrown in jail.” In a state of utter helplessness, Nawaz Sharif returned his jail cell. Within an hour, the same SP informed him that Begum Kulsum Nawaz had passed away.

Nusrat Mirza says American bloggers provoked the Arab spring

Mr. Nusrat Mirza, a well-known columnist and TV talk show host, wrote in Jang (December 8) that the United States started the war in Afghanistan, which went to Iraq and then in 2011 through its bloggers fomented trouble in the Arab World. It enveloped Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Bahrain and Syria. In 2011, a civil war started in Syria, which is still raging. In this way, all Arab countries that were struggling for Palestine’s independence got internally entangled. Consequently, Israel got off the hook and it started committing terrible atrocities against Palestinians, paving the way for Greater Israel. It may added that in the Jang of March 23, 2010, Mr. Mirza had written that the 2005 earthquake and the 2010 floods were American conspiracies against Pakistan.

RAW staged the drama of attack on the Indian parliament

The effective in which the military spokesperson has exposed the reality of India’s secularism is definitely praiseworthy, Asghar Ali Shad wrote in Nawa-i-Waqt (December 10). He also wrote that on December 13, 2001, Delhi’s ruling clique staged a drama of attack on the Indian parliament. Impartial observers have opined that the Indian government wanted to capitalize on the global climate of opinion in the wake of 9/11, and RAW quickly staged the attack.

Immediately after the attack, Prime Minister Vajpayee and his associates launched a torrent of accusations against Pakistan. New Delhi massed over one million troops on its border with Pakistan. This prompted the entire Pakistani nation tosink its differences and become a reinforced concrete wall (seesapalaeedeewar). It may be added that while speaking in the Senate of Pakistan on March 5, 2004, Lt. Gen. Javed Ashraf Qazi had said that Jaish-i-Muhammad was responsible for the attack on India’s parliament.

He also wrote: “The international conscience is apathetic and the international community has not paid sufficient attention to the Kashmiris’ genocide, which is intensifying with each passing day.”

On December 13, 2001, Delhi’s ruling clique staged a drama of attack on India’s parliament. Impartial observers have opined that the Indian government wanted to capitalize on the global climate of opinion in the wake of 9/11, and RAW quickly staged the attack

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion were secretly approved in 1897

Mohsin Farooqi wrote in Jehan-i-Pakistan (December 10) that on the one hand Russia, Austria, Britain and France weakened the Ottoman empire  repeatedly starting a war against it. On the other hand, the World Jewish Organization was also active against the Ottoman empire. In the wake of the fall of Granada (1492) so many took refuge in the Ottoman empire but their heirs had started undermining it. He also claimed that in 1897 the Jews held an international conference in the Swiss city of Basel.

At this conference the Protocols of the Elders of Zion were secretly approved, the purpose of which was the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine. The Protocols is a notorious antisemitic forgery, but many in the Muslim world consider it the gospel truth. The Times of London in 1921 exposed it as a fraudulent document. Even Robert Fisk, one of the most admired Western journalists in the Muslim world, has condemned The Protocols of the Elders of Zion as “the infamous anti-Semitic tract” that was forged by the Tsarist secret police” (The Independent, London, November 9, 2002).

Asad Durrani says Indian intelligence agencies control their media but ours is too free

Lt. Gen. Asad Durrani, former ISI chief, has said that the Indian intelligence agencies control their media, but our media is too free (Khabrain, December 11). We have not been able to educate it. “RAW interferes in Pakistan. I will it does not, I will be greatly surprised,” he said.

The United States has been interfering the most in Balochistan. It is a big worry for us. India is also involved, but the U.S. has a bigger footprint there. We don’t need to be scared of the RAW. We have been countering it. We are countering it. He disclosed that as the ISI chief I met the RAW chief once. Where does the Military Code of Conduct say that I would not write a book in partnership with a RAW chief?

Shakil Chaudhary studied international relations in Islamabad and media in London. He has worked for several English-language newspapers. He has written a book, Handbook of Functional English, for the benefit of those who wish to improve their English skills.

He can be reached at

Published in Daily Times, December 13th 2018.


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