Govt committed to protect rights of minorities, say Shireen Mazari

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Human Rights Dr Shireen M Mazari has said that concrete steps have been taken through comprehensive strategy to ensure the protection of rights of minorities adding that our constitution guarantees the protection of human rights including the rights of minorities.

She further added that we are fully committed to protect the due rights of minorities to ensure their freedom and security. She assured protection of rights of minorities and improve their socio-economic status was one of the governments’ top priorities.

She held this assurance while talking to the representative delegation of Christian and Hindu communities in a meeting to discuss the laws and rules to protect the rights of minorities here in Islamabad on Wednesday.

Federal Secretary Rabiya Javeri Agha and other officials of the Human Rights Ministry also attended the meeting. Matters related to the rights of minorities including the laws and rules for their protection were also came under discussion and members of delegation also put forward suggestions in this regard. The delegation was also told about the implementations of laws, policy and measures.

Addressing the delegation, Shireen Mazari said we always taken pragmatic measures to ensure the better status of minorities without any prejudice. She showed her commitment to ensure the implementation of Hindu marriage and divorce laws and drawing up a new Christian divorce bill for National Assembly. She added that constitution of Pakistan grantees the human rights protection and we at Ministry of Human Rights ensures it implementations. She further said that all the minorities in Pakistan have religious freedom and complete security adding that they are enjoying complete freedom as equal citizen of the beloved nation.

Members of the delegation appreciated the endeavours of government especially the Ministry of Human Rights for the Protection and promotion of rights of minorities and assured their full support in this regard