Is Detox for everyone?

Detoxification has become a popular trend recently, as our bodies are full of toxic substances because of our intake of processed foods and sugary items. Knowing that toxic substances are harmful for health; people opt for different detox routines. Another reason that detox has become all the rage is because we sees various Hollywood celebrities endorsing it. Most importantly, when someone gets drastic results we start it without realising that their metabolic rate, lifestyle and physical environment differs from ours.

Detox might work for some people and many do lose weight after following its guidelines. But what actually happens is that the body loses water and its carbohydrate stores. It’s gone during the “cleanse”. But all of it comes back a few hours after the detox ends. “Because you can’t stay empty forever. You need energy in order for your body to function properly as so many of you are active all day with busy routines. We aren’t aware of the fact that our body has natural ways of detoxifying itself. It just needs a little support. If we eat a good amount of nutrient dense foods in our routine we can start running our own body’s natural detox.

What we don’t do:

* Enough exercise

* Relax (we take extra stress without any reason)

* Consume fresh foods (fresh seems boring)

* Drink enough water (our water intake is very limited because most of us simply don’t have time)

I personally suggest that basic focus should be to detoxify your psychological and emotional mental toxins. Further help in this can be gained by handling stress and streamlining your sleep cycle:

What we should do:

* Eat a good amount of food before satiety kicks in.

* Eat more veggies

* Give proper time between meals

* Add some physical activity (if sedentary)

* Take some fresh air

* Limit unnecessary supplements

* Drinking lemon water with honey or cinnamon on an empty stomach is good for boosting the body’s natural detox process

The writer is a health expert

Published in Daily Times, September 12th 2018.