Meera donates to dam fund

Actor Meera gave a donation of PKR 25,000 for the Diamer Bhasha Dam Funds, according to a local publication. The actor made the announcement on a visit to a special children’s school. The actor stated on twitter: “It was wonderful to celebrate the day with special kids today .#karachi.” “We have to treat all kids equally. We need to all work together to shun the special treatment rich kids receive. #EqualityForAllKids.” “It was heartening to meet all the special kids. I said all of you are as beloved to me as my own kids. #KidsAreTheFuture #PakistanZindabad.” Meera praised the Zainab Rehabilitation Centre for its philanthropic work of educating special children and urged others to play their part. On Monday the 41-yaer-old had praised Mahira Khan, for the latter’s work with Afhan refugees.

Published in Daily Times, September 12th 2018.