Depressed youth

Sir; I would like to draw your attention towards an important topic of conversation, that is depression, which is amongst the leading reasons for suicide in the world, and is a growing problem in Pakistan as well.

The recent incident involving the regrettable death of a 26 year old aspiring model once again brought attention back to this controversial topic in the country. She too was a victim of depression, and even though it is yet to be determined what the exact cause of her depression was, whether it was pressure from her career or some personal problem, according to (LMICs), Suicide is a major global public health problem with more than 800,000 incidents happening in the world, and it is high time that the topic is brought to the forefront.

The basic question people ask after they hear of such tragedies is how somebody could commit suicide in the first place? What are the causes of depression and what does it make you do or think to take such a drastic step. Well, in my opinion it is the toxic nature of our own society that leads so many people to commit this act. Hate, labeling, and inequality are rife and can push any healthy person to have questionable thoughts. Increasing pressures of life, and the lack of opportunities in the country can also be a major reason.

Our government should stand up and take notice of this issue after this case and make sure that it is the last one of its kind. We need to support people who are struggling, try to understand their problems, and give them the help they need to oversome or fight their demons. Perhaps then they can try and focus on the beauty of life, rather than its dark side.


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Published in Daily Times, September 12th 2018.