Undue price hikes is not panacea

Sir, I want to recall the promises the newly elected government had made during its election compaigns. A corruption free Pakistan and availability of basic stuff to every citizen were the core purpose of the ruling party. But it seems, the people sitting at the top are deviating from their words as price of electricity, gas and railway tickets have been increased. The aim of the government is to collect enough money for dams.

But such strategy on the part of the government seems like incompetency as it has overburdened the already deplorable poor people. Instead of taking some tough steps to curb the menace of corruption, to bring the looted money back to the country, to hold accountable all the politicians and government officials for their rampant corruption, the people of high ranks have added fuel to the fire.

The government should take some serious steps in this regard and it should keenly ponder on the condition of the hapless nation. Rising price of diverse things is not solution at all, rather the government should keep a firm grip on the corrupt people, it should enhance its competency and it should minimize the mismanagement within the departments of the government.


Mandi Bhauddin

Published in Daily Times, September 11th 2018.