9/11: an unending nightmare

It’s been 17 years since the citizens of the “City that never sleeps” fell asleep forever. This devastating nightmare took place in the lively city of New York. People couldn’t believe their eyes as they saw commercial jets flying into the Twin towers of the World Trade Centre, irreversibly injuring American pride. The planes destroyed the Twin Towers. The people’s screams echoed louder than thunder. A layer of dust, ashes and debris covered New York City, thousands of people died. Those who lost their loved ones were left looking for answers. Why would anyone do something soinhumane? The American government came up with a convenient whipping boy within days of the attack, Muslim extremism, though many among the mourners were also Muslims.

In addition to the WTO target, as per the official 9/11 narrative regarding the attack on the Pentagon on the same day, we are supposed to believe that poorly trained and inexperienced private pilots supposedly piloting the third American Airlines flight 77 in a row set to target was able to perform a manoeuvre from overhead the Pentagon requiring a high rate of descent and steep angle of bank to make a 300 degree turn at 500 knots to precisely strike the Pentagon’s Office of Naval Intelligence at a few feet off the ground on the first try, without skidding the surface. This is simply absurd. A well-known former 35-year naval aviator and commercial pilot captain with over 20,000 flight hours, contends that he could not have performed this manoeuvre, as they allegedly did on 9/11 nor could any other pilot. He firmly believes that the 9/11 story is a lie. Unfortunately, 99.99 percent of the global population fell for this because they are not pilots and cannot comprehend the ludicrousness of this insane claim.

Since 9/11, the international Muslim community has been targeted for revenge by the Western world every day. The overnight change in behaviour was so striking, even the youngsters of that time remember the sudden shift in attitude towards Muslims

However, even though whistle-blower conferences across the world have unveiled the agenda behind this catastrophic incident, the 9/11 Commission failed miserably in its attempt to accurately recount the 9/11 story. Its final report was based on the premise that 19 angry Muslims — who were poorly trained and inexperienced private pilots — commandeered four commercial jet aircraft, three of which crashed into buildings in New York City and Washington DC. Some 9/11 truthers have met untimely and mysterious deaths or have been terminated from employment while trying to expose true facts regarding the lies of 9/11. Others have completely failed to draw media attention.

Since then, the international Muslim community has been targeted for revenge by the Western world every day. The overnight change in behaviour was so striking, even the youngsters of that time remember the sudden shift in attitude towards Muslims. Seventeen years of hatred have solidified the wet cement of racism and the Muslims are still considered aliens by the rest of the world. America, which calls itself “the land of the free” has narrowed down its paths for the American Muslims, who have been living there since birth.

Research demonstrates that Muslim Americans were doubly tortured, first by the attacks themselves and after that again by the backlash towards the Muslims that transpired as a result. In 2002, FBI announced that episodes focusing on individuals, foundations, and organisations related to Islam expanded by no less than 1,600 percent. The report noticed that preceding 2001, Islam was the least targeted religion in hate-crimes. Muslims confronted new personal battles every day.

According to the Director of Crisis Text Line, a USA based charitable group, the group witnessed a major accretion in Muslims reaching out for help. After the terror attacks carried out by the s0-called Muslims in Paris and San Bernardino, California, a charitable group, many Muslim teenagers were persecuted and the rate of teenagers subjected to bullying and harassment increased by 6.6.

9/11 increased the misery of many Muslim countries including Afghanistan and Pakistan. According to former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf, when former US Under-Secretary of State Richard Armitage visited Pakistan shortly after 9/11, he stated that if Pakistan did not support Bush’s so-called “War on Terror”, then the US would “bomb Pakistan back to the stone age”. Consequently, as a result of Pakistan’s involvement, over 70,000 lives have been lost to the tune of $220-billion over the past 17 years. It seems as if Muslims all over the world have been declared culprits of 9/11 and must be avenged. Living a torturous life every day is worse than death.

It is time the international community step above this stereotyping before we ruin the world with our hateful actions.

The writer is a journalist at Fox News Digital

Published in Daily Times, September 11th 2018.


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