Why aren’t women represented in the Economic Advisory Council of Pakistan?

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf’s decision to exclude women from the Economic Advisory Council contradicts its ideologies. People ask, “Why aren’t women represented in the council?”

The party has stressed upon meritocracy, building on the principle that every qualified individual irrespective of his or her gender has the right to advance in any field. Not having women in the council suggests the party isn’t true to its ideals.

Research shows gender disparity in the job market hampers economic growth. Inclusion of women in the council could have reflected the government’s desire for economic growth and women empowerment. Women make up half of the country’s population, which means about 49 percent of the country’s population is at risk of not playing an equally important role in building the economy.

Women are expecting the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project to ensure more job opportunities. But if the government isn’t encouraging women, female employees can be at risk of getting low wages, infringing their labour rights.

It’s important that Prime Minister Imran Khan works towards empowering women in the job market, remaining true to the ideals that earned him votes in the election.