Health in Balochistan

Sir: The all important thing a hospital requires is the provision of world class facilities. A look at hospitals in Balochistan shows that there are many doctors who are not performing their duties all that well. It leads to a shameful reality that hospitals throughout the province lack basic amenities for the treatment of ailing people who cannot pay for private hospitals.Health care facilities provided by both public and private organisations for the poor Baloch in urban and rural Baluchistan are inadequate.

On the other hand,the quality of care is limited by the lack of technology and medicine.It is quite unfortunate to share that hospitals of the province (including the capital city hospitals) face a shortage of beds,doctors,ambulances,professional staff and nursing services with free clinics and medicine.So,the people of Baluchistan must have proper hospitalisation.For this, the government needs to seek foreign investment in the health sector and must provide a well-trained faculty.



Published in Daily Times, September 10th 2018.