Remembering Ashfaq Ahmed on 14th death anniversary

7th September is the 13th death anniversary of the great writer Ashfaq Ahmed. He motivated millions of people in his life.

His program Talqeen Shah which started in 1962 and continued for decades was also a motivational program: through that, he inculcated in the minds of public the true values of life and how to uphold them.

Aik Mohabbat Sou Aafsanay was a program that was immensely liked by television viewers.

Being a friend of Qudratullah Shahab and Mumtaz Mufti, Ashfaq Ahmed was inclined towards Sufism. His show Zaviya, which later on appeared in book form, was food for thought for many.

His short story Gadarya depicted the atrocities inflicted upon innocent people during partition of subcontinent. Indeed, Gadarya and his drama Mun Chalay Ka Souda were his magnum opi.

He beautifully integrated Quantum Physics with Sufism with great dexterity and skill.

It is need of the hour that we should promote the work of such soft writers and introduce to our youth to remove anger, hate and aggression from them.

Promotion of equality and brotherhood is the need of time, and that was the eternal message of this great writer. We should do good to others so that we may be rewarded by blessings from Allah.