Discussion regarding peace initiatives of Kazakhstan held

The participants in a round table discussion on Monday shed light on non-proliferation issues and peace initiatives of Kazakhstan while Pakistan maintained a clear position in support of global nuclear disarmament.

The Ambassador of Kazakhstan, Barlybay Sadykov spoke on the occasion about the Kazakh experience of disarmament after the disintegration of Soviet Union.

Speaking about Pakistan’s efforts during the drafting of the Non-Proliferation Treaty in the 1950s and later the drafting of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, he noted that Pakistan had also made efforts for Negative Security Assurances for non-nuclear states and have South Asia declared as a nuclear weapons free zone in the years before the nuclearisation of South Asia.

He said that the Indian nuclear tests in May 1998 changed the security environment of the region qualitatively and Pakistan no longer can support such ideas. However, Pakistan maintains a clear position in support of global nuclear disarmament.

Highlighting Pakistan’s achievements in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, he stated that Pakistan was one of the first countries that benefited from the Atoms for Peace programme and has developed, over the years, an extensive peaceful programme in power generation, agriculture and medicine. Kazakhstan Ambassador to Pakistan Barlybay Sadykov underlined the initiatives of the Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev who oversaw the denuclearisation of his country post-Soviet disintegration.

The ambassador reiterated the president’s continued commitment to non-proliferation and disarmament and his mission to put an end to global nuclear tests. He gave an account of how Kazakhstan dismantled its nuclear warheads, delivery systems, test-sites and silos as a part of its foreign policy which laid the foundation of establishing a nuclear weapon free zone in Central Asia.

The ambassador mentioned that the President firmly believes in the process of confidence building measures in prevention of war, which were announced by him in the Manifesto The World 21st century. It was pointed out that by the initiative of Kazakhstan in 2009, the United Nations announced the closing date of the Semipalatinsk test site – August 29 as an International Day of actions against nuclear tests.

The ambassador talked about Kazakhstan’s Low Enrichment Fuel Bank for peaceful purposes as an effort of Nursultan Nazarbayev and the formation of Conference on Interaction & Confidence-Building Measures in Asia which was also his initiative.

Published in Daily Times, September 4th 2018.