Junaid Jamshed’s top 5 hit tracks

Pakistan remembers Junaid Jamshed on his 54th birthday today.

Junaid Jamshed was born on September 3, 1964. During his professional career, he was brilliant singer, TV host, fashion designer and even a great preacher.

In 1980s, Junaid became a superstar after his band ‘Vital Signs’ gave hit songs which gained popularity all over Pakistan.

His tracks like “Dil dil Pakistan” and “Tum Mil Gye” topped the charts and  gain prominence in Pakistan music industry at that time.

However, the singer parted away with his band and launched his solo career in late 90’s.  He released his debut solo album ‘Junaid of Vital Signs’ in 1994 which was an instant success.

Junaid continued producing hit singles until 2004.

Here are top 5 hit tracks which will give goosebumps.

1-Dil Dil Pakistan 

2-  Us Rah Par 

3- Tum Mil gaye

4- Qasam Us Waqt

5- Aankhon Ko Aankhon ne

In 2016, Junaid Jamshed, his wife and daughter Nahya died in an air crash while he was on his way to Islamabad after visiting Chitral.