The extent to which intuition is helpful

We all have instinctive feelings regarding everything that occurs in our day and that we cross paths with. Sometimes we have to focus deeper in order to find them and sometimes they’re too strong to ignore, however, they are there all the time.

These feelings are labeled as ‘intuition’ or in simpler terms ‘gut feeling’. We are always told to follow them blindly as they are purely what we think; uncorrupted opinions formed through clear and precise analysis of situations.

Now, even though this is the correct way of the use of intuition, it does have boundaries. These boundaries are made by the way we feel about past experiences and how they’ve created a certain mindset inside of us.

This causes the concept of intuition being ‘uncorrupted’ to have a loophole – which is corruption. Sometimes, traumatic incidents of the past make it difficult to differentiate between our intuition guiding us, and our distress coming in the way of it.

So to what extent is intuition helpful, then? To whatever extent you are capable of letting it be. If you can push past irrational reasons, that might not always be very helpful, and focus on your gut feeling only, then there will never come a time it won’t aid you in making correct decisions for you life.

Doing so might not always come easy and will take time to master. However, once you have and are free to avail your intuition’s help whenever needed, it will never let you down!