Sindhi Hindus celebrate Thadri today

KARACHI: Hindus in Sindh are celebrating Thadri festival today.

Thadri is a famous traditional festival, celebrated in Siraman/Saawan month of monsoon season. On this day women decorate the doorways of their houses and do mud plaster to their kitchens.

No cooking activities done on this day. The sweet roties (mitho lolo) made of pure ghee are offered to Shitla Mata to stay safe from various diseases.

Sweet roties are exchanged with relatives and friends, if needed women cook fresh food or tea in temporary fireplace.

It has also learnt that in Sindhi “Thadri” reflected a tribute to Shitla Mata, who believed to cure chicken poxes (Achbira).

It is said that “thousands of years ago, when the land of Mohen Jo Daro was dug, a statue of Shitla Devi was found and since then this day is dedicated to the deity”.

The day after this, another famous festival Kanhooro (Birth Anniversary of Bhagwan Shri Kirshan) begins.

Dr Raja Shad, a prominent Hindu from Tharparkar,  said after celebrating the Thadri, people will celebrate Kanshooro in a traditional way. “they make sculpture of Lord Krishna with clay and at last they do visarjan of Lord Krishna in water,” Shad told.

Virsha Kumari, a hindu girl, said “every culture is known by its traditions, rituals and festivals. Thadri is the coolest and one of my favorite festivals which brings family together on the dining table”.

Leelawanti, a housewife, said that she started Thadri preparation by cooking sweet dishes a day before the event because on the day of Thadri there will not be any kitchen activity.

“Such festivals  possess rich history and traditional background but just think for a while in this digital and modern era if people are memorizing their cultural and religious activities it means they have respect and love for such events and also willing to preserve it,” Mahraj Rohit Ojha, a religious scholar, said.