Displeased Amir Liaquat leaves PTI’s WhatsApp group

KARACHI: Due to tensed relationship between parliamentarian Amir Liaquat Hussain and Prime Minister Imran Khan, the televangelist angrily left PTI WhatsApp group.

Prior to leaving the group, Amir Liaquat expressed his anger over unwelcomed behaviour of party leaders for not inviting him to a dinner hosted at the Governor House in Karachi.

Hussain angrily spoke in his last voice message on the group. “When I make noise, you listen. I made noise and I got a party ticket, I made noise and suddenly the governor has my number which he claimed he didn’t before.”

Amir especially expressed his anger against PTI Secretary Information Shehzad Qureshi saying, “Everyone’s respect is in their hands, don’t ruin yours.” He added, “You will not get the opportunity of winning so many seats. Do not be the reason to lose respect. Hurdles will be created in the future if you continue mistreatment of your own people.”

He also added the disgruntled lawmaker from Karachi and said, “you will have bigger problems in the future if you treat your own in this manner and insult them.”

It was decided earlier in a mutual decision among party leaders to not invite Amir to a meeting at the Governor’s House.