Balancing work and leisure activities

Do you ever end up in the conflicted state of mind where you cannot decide what’s more important; always getting all your work done, properly, on time or doing your work at an average pace and also having time for leisure activities?

Why do you end up at this point? Mostly because you can’t seem to be able to have it all, do all your work perfectly and on time, along with having time for all the other activities in your life, where you can feel responsibility free, right?

The key to avoiding this dull phase of a clashing state of mind is to balance everything in your life. This everything includes job/school related or other responsibilities, time with family, friends, yourself and literally anything else you can think of doing throughout the day.

However, simply stating that the key to a smooth-sailing life is balancing everything is obviously way easier said than done.How are we supposed to apply it on our lives is the real question.

I’m sure you’ve been told by many people throughout your life to make a timetable for yourself and then stick to it so that you are always on par with what you have to do. However, we as humans always do this simple task incorrectly, almost every time.

We assume, that just because we have our tasks written in order, we can accomplish way more in way lesser time than is actually possible. We also don’t find proper time for relaxation in our schedules and cram too much work in it as we plan ahead.

This causes us to never be able to complete whatever work is on our agenda in the time allotted for it and then worry in our allotted ‘free time’ about completing it. This defeats the purpose of ‘balancing’ your activities as they override each other.

So, to overcome this simple issue that turns itself into a monster, the next time you feel the urge to make a timetable for yourself, think realistically. You cannot learn an entire or even half of a course of any subject in a single day, spread it out throughout the week or two.

If you are really feeling like overworking yourself 3 days a week, leave one complete day absolutely free, to do literally anything except for work. This will cause an actual and realistic balance.

At this point you might be wondering how these ideas aren’t always practical. What if the circumstances are such that you do not have enough time to spend a whole week to finish just one course? Or the lack of pending work needed to spend a complete day worry free?

Well, that is a very justified concern. The thing is, that of course, like all great things, this too will take time and for a while it will seem impossible and unfeasible. However, once you adjust to such a lifestyle, you will always have time to do everything in a way where it doesn’t become overwhelming.


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