The importance of manifestation

We all grow up to reach a point in our lives where the next goal we’re faced with seems too big of a leap. When we reach this point and envision the distance between our current life situation and the one we’ll receive once we accomplish our goal, it most likely seems like too big of a jump.

Now, no matter how much we want to attain this set goal, due to this picture we’ve envisioned, probably subconsciously, a part of our mind will constantly remain doubtful of it being practically possible. Even while working to our full capacity everyday to accomplish what we really need and/or want to in order to get to a certain place, our insides will tug on our actions, making us feel as if the hard work will amount to nothing.

When this starts happening to a point where it cause emotional unease, naturally, we share our feelings with the people around us. This is where the majority of us go wrong. We need to realize that whether we believe it or not, we ultimately receive what we put out into the world.

Hence, we need to manifest all of our goals, big or small, practical or impractical. Anything and everything we wish to make our own, whether it is a lifestyle, an object or a career, we need to say it out loud. Heck, we need to write it down, on our walls, cupboards, notebooks and computers, so we can literally see our goals in sight.

We need to manifest and manifest what we desire, not what our insecurities and/or logical thinking try their best to make us believe to be the possible reality.

So, the next time a goal seems to be too out there, declare it out loud as if you’ve already mastered it. Write it down as if you already own it. And witness the power of manifestation do its thing