Four players that should be on your Fantasy League team

English Premier League (EPL) is underway and it is bigger and better than ever before. We all know that this year saw some amazing signings and big names will make EPL more interesting. Week 1 saw some jaw dropping performances by players to light up the fantasy league teams they were a member of.

For week two, we have four players that you should definitely have in your fantasy team if you want to move up in the global rankings. The players are listed keeping in mind their current form and the opponents they will be up against.

  1. Luke Shaw

Luke Shaw is the man who you should immediately sign in your team. The Manchester United left-back boosted my fantasy team after his recent performance against Leicester City. The English defender was amazing in defense and he also scored a goal which turned out to be the only difference among the two teams.

Manchester United is up against Brighton this week and there is a strong possibility that United will keep a clean sheet and with players like Luke Shaw, you can easily expect some attacking football too so Shaw will definitely go for goal against an easy opponent.

  1. Sadio Mane

Mane is a player who must be on your team no matter which week it is and no matter who are they playing against.

He will either score or assist, he is pure gold for all the fantasy league players. This week, Liverpool is up against Crystal Palace so he is a player which is a must have on your fantasy team.

  1. Sergio Aguero

Having three Manchester City players in your team is compulsory for any fantasy league player keeping in mind the talent the team has, which quite comprehensively crushed every opponent last season.

Although Sergio Aguero failed to impress in the first fixture against Arsenal but still, we all know what Manchester City and Aguero is capable of. We can definitely expect goals from him in the upcoming fixtures.

  1. Harry Kane

Although he is expensive but the price is worth the talent he is. He proved that he is the best striker on several occasions and we all saw how he crushed every team in the world cup.

Harry Kane is a man who is always in form, he can score anytime, anywhere and against anyone. He is a nightmare for defenders and there is a reason why he is the most feared player in the current time.

With Spurs up against newly promoted Fulham, you can easily expect some fireworks form the English hurricane.