Comments which Vidal made on Messi before joining Barcelona

Barcelona signs Vidal

The Chilean midfielder made a surprise move to Barcelona after completing a successful stint at Bayern Munich who bought the attacking midfielder from Juventus.

Vidal and Messi both have faced each other on international circuit several times and Vidal mostly had the upper hand. How can we forget the Copa America final when Argentina were defeated by Chile in the finals.

Vidal, who was voted the man of the match, was over the moon after the victory and that led him to make some harsh comments about Messi and Ronaldo which he will regret today.

When Vidal was asked whether he feared Messi he said “Do I fear him or does he fear me? I don’t fear him, but you have to ask him if he was left with fear.”

And that’s not all, he further added “I’ve beaten him in all the finals and if we were to meet again, I would win again.”

“I don’t fear anything – on the pitch we are all equal. I defend my jersey and my national team to death. I can, give it all on the pitch.”

“The Argentines dream about me. It was joyful to win Copa America. For Chileans, it’s not easy to reach a final and win it, more so against the Argentines. But we got two Copas and that will always be there.”

So not its quite surprising that Vidal will play alongside Lionel Messi and they both will contribute to the same team. Vidal again made comments about Messi at this time they were quite different from the previous ones. All he had was praise for Messi and the club.

“To be honest I am very happy. I am looking forward to starting training with my teammates to wearing such a famous shirt, and to doing important things here.

“It is a dream. I hope to achieve my objectives. I am here to win all the trophies available and I will give everything on the pitch to achieve this.

“I will bring a lot to fight, lot of passion, helping the team at all times, and making sure that team always wins.

“During the three-year contract, I hope we can win everything we play for.

“I am excited to play with Messi, Suarez, Sergio Besquets… they are all great players.”

Vidal was the ideal man to replace Paulinho after he returned to Guazgzhou Evergrande. With Barcelona having quite a balanced team Vidal can expect wining big here.