Durrani’s Spy Chronicles copies Salman Khan’s Ek tha Tiger, alleges official statement

    Pakistani authorities on Saturday released a statement that the Durrani-Daulat saga titled Spy Chronicles: RAW, ISI and the Illusion of Peace is actually plagiarised and not a security threat at all. Subsequent to the notice, it was revealed that Durrani will not be pursued in court for co-authoring the book.

    Talking to Daily Times, a representative confirmed, on the condition of anonymity, that Durrani will no longer be dragged in the matter because it was obvious that the book was a joke.

    “Are you a Salman fan? I’m more of a Shahrukh person,” he said as he began talking about the movies and the book.

    Getting to the point, he said, “Basically, if you look at the book and you look at the two movies you will see that there are many similarities.”

    “Ek Tha Tiger came out in 2012 and its sequel was released in 2017, i.e. Tiger Zinda Hai. So the movies predate the book! If you have seen the thrillers, they follow the story of a RAW agent falling in love with an ISI agent and then they get over their differences to save their countries,” he explained.

    “This book basically tries to teach us what? That India and Pakistan should be friends. Just like Salman’s movies. Of course the two former spies couldn’t have stolen the entire storyline, that would have caused a different kind of media storm, so some elements in their book have been adjusted accordingly,” he added.

    “They say books are always better, but I feel the movies were better because: Katrina Kaif, am I right?” he asked as we abruptly decided to end the interview.

    If it isn’t obvious, this is a work of satire.

    Published in Daily Times, June 24th 2018.