PTI to setup protest website

    The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) released a statement on Monday following a statement from party leader Imran Khan, asking people to protest load shedding.

    “It takes a lot of effort from Khan Sahib to keep asking people to protest, so going forward we will be creating an e-protest portal to streamline the process,” a part representative said.

    The website is expected to not only make announcements about incoming protests but will also be taking requests.

    “The one thing that PTI is good at is protesting. What we are looking to do is share what we know,” the representative said.

    “In the coming days we will also be introducing a request feature. If someone is unhappy with something they can tell us, and if it’s PML-N related we will immediately launch a protest,” the representative added.

    The website is expected to run for a limited time period and will not be available forever, according to the party.

    “The idea is to give people an outlet for their issues. But once we come into power it will not be needed. Our Tsunami will drown all the evil people in Pakistan, InshaAllah,” the rep explained.

    Incase it isn’t obvious, this is a work of satire

    Published in Daily Times, June 12th 2018.