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If you want to look at a refined form of a youthia look at this Hamza Abbasi. First he tweeted/threatened Reham Khan for her upcoming book by all means possible like twitter, BOL and everything. You can pretty much expect this from a paid troll. Reham Khan asked,how did draft of the book happened to reach Hamza before it got published; either it was a theft or what? This gentleman then started deleting all his tweets in shame, but the hatred and misogyny he wanted spread already had reached masses.

Reham Khan must rather be thankful that these youthias are advertising her book for free. At times, people used to organize events in order to launch new books, but what you need now is just a couple of pics with Hussain Haqqani and PTI social media trolls will advertise your book for free.

Good luck for the everything and we are waiting your book, Reham.

Published in Daily Times, June 3rd 2018.