Only State can declare jihad against evil forces: minister

PESHAWAR: Federal Minister for Interior Ahsan Iqbal said Thursday that only State has the right to declare jihad in a Muslim country against evil forces and that no citizen has the right to call for the killing of the citizens.

Addressing a ceremony here at the Frontier Constabulary headquarters, the interior minister said rulings by individuals for jihad will only create anarchy and destabilize the country. He said some terrorist outfits had made the country hostage few years back and Pakistan was being considered the most dangerous place for living. While today, it is an emerging economic nation and a peaceful country, he said.

The minister said that government, army and police were united in war against terrorism as result of which the terrorists were on the run. “We will not rest until elimination of the last terrorist. We will make the country a peaceful abode for our children,” he resolved.

In his media talk following the event, Ahsan Iqbal said PTI chief Imran Khan was known for making tall claims whereas he himself did not follow the same in practical life. “We have put the country on road to progress under the leadership of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif but certain hidden forces are against it,” he said, adding many important projects have been brought to the country under the CPEC which will ensure massive investment in the country besides making Pakistan an economic giant.

“We desire peace in Afghanistan as a peaceful neighbourhood was in the interest of Pakistan,” he said, adding that India did not want peace in Pakistan and Afghanistan and that arrest of Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav was a proof of it.

The minister said unrest and chaos had been prevailing in the country before PML-N government came into power. But, today peace and law and order situation has been restored and foreign investment is coming to the country as is evident from CPEC projects, he added.

Published in Daily Times, March 9th 2018.