Need for public transport

Sir: Nowadays travelling from one place to another has become the most difficult activity of the day. Those who do not own any vehicle are the real sufferers. Students, office workers and other people who use public transport to reach their destination face the same trouble irrespective of age. The huge shortage of buses is the major source of all this chaos. People cannot travel comfortably due to the shortage of buses.

The buses which roam around in the city are unreliable, are poorly maintained, worn-out and outlived and have limited capacity to accommodate the passengers. Most of the time, the buses are loaded with too many passengers and are forced to cling to the doors or perch on the roofs of the buses to take a ride. Moreover, there are limited seating capacities in the women’s compartment of the buses and mini buses.

This allocation of less space for women in public transport causes major problems for women and the bus drivers. Often these conditions lead to hazardous accidents while the overloading causes unbalancing and collapse of buses. The city government has not paid any attention despite highlighting multiple times that there is a severe transportation shortage in the city. It is the responsibility of the government to provide citizens transport facilities so that they can reach to their desired destination easily and safely.



Published in Daily Times, March 7th 2018.