Lahooti Melo concludes with captivating performances

Hyderabad: The second and final day of Lahooti Melo attracted a large number of culture lovers on Sunday. Participants expressed the need for more cultural events to revive the cultural heritage of the country.

The first session included poetry for the land of Sindh and the difficulties people of the province have faced over the years. Sindh University Institute of Sindhiology Director Ishaq Samejo moderated the discussion and panelists included revolutionary poet Hafiz Nizamani, Khalil Kunbher, Haleem Baghi and Mahar Dribai.

They started by reciting their poetries on Thar and different controversies in Sindh. They said that the people of Thar love their land which is why there are examples of resistance among Tharis. Romanticizing resistance is the beauty of Sindhi poetry, they added.

Dribai said that, “When I write poetry, I try to speak for the people of Sindh. It’s my only inspiration behind choosing poetry as a means of expression”.

Renowned journalist Sohail Sangi said that the government does not need to dig the coal in Thar, as a number of other resources can be utilised to generate energy, solar and wind system as alternatives.

They also discussed preservation of heritage sites in Thar. Bhagat Bhuralal, Sufi Singer told Daily Times that Lahooti is the only platform of Sindh, that have provided them with an opportunity to explore the classical sufi music of Sindh across the world.

Renowned storyteller Tajdar Zaidi said that the festival received an overwhelming response, adding that it was organised and planned well. He added that volunteers of the festival should be appreciated for working hard to make the event a success.

He said that in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa (KP), such activities are also needed because radicalism has affected heritage and culture. He added that Sindh is spreading vibrant culture as youngsters are taking keen interest in such initiatives.

Several singers also performed on the occasion and entertained the audience.

Khattak dancer Sayama shared that such the level of interest shown by the people in the event shows they love music and culture. These days pop dance is being adopted by the local people and they don’t want to engage with classical music and dance, she added.

“I want to transform such trend for uplifting generation and especially for the women as khattak dance can be visualised in Rajasthan and Thar”.

On the final day of Lahooti Melo, more than 15 musical instruments were played by musicians.

Published in Daily Times, March 6th 2018.