Fake doctors

Sir: Fake doctors and surgeons are operating in huge numbers in Pakistan .They claim that they hold MBBS degrees from this country’s recognized medical institutions but it is just a cover-up for their illegal and inhumane business.

In 2015, an FIR was registered against a fake Surgeon named Rafiq Malik who was operating his fake surgeon business in Jhang, Punjab after pictures of him doing surgery in a shabby and dark room, wearing a vest and butcher’s apron were leaked on social media.

He got arrested after that, but this was just one culprit whom the authorities have caught red-handed, there are many more. These fake doctors and surgeons with fake degrees attract the poor illiterate masses as customers by taking advantage of their financial conditions (as they cannot afford to give high consultation fees to reputable doctors.) Many of these culprits are involved in trafficking of human organs for the sake of millions of rupees. It’s a high time for PMDC execute regulations and make a check and balance system that is effective. These doctors should be brought to the court of law and punished harshly for the way they butcher innocent people. The government and concerned authorities also need to play their part and make sure medical officers are available in every district so that such illegal inhumane businesses are not successful.

Ali Salman Aldani


Published in Daily Times, March 5th 2018.