Widespread beggary

Sir: The beggary problem is widespread in our country. Respectable, law abiding citizens have to go through hordes of beggars on every nook and corner of our country every day. Beggars are people who depend on alms from other people for their living. There are some people who are able bodied, but instead of doing some respectable, honest work, they undertake begging as their profession, because it enables them to earn their living easily. The handicapped beggars and children easily win the sympathy of the people, they are really in need of our help and should be helped from time to time either with food or money. But on the other side beggars who are physically sound and beg due to religious sanction gain a lot through deceptive behaviour. Sometimes they cheat innocent people and disguise themselves as “Fakirs” but in reality, they are criminals.

This is a matter of national shame for us. Lack of sufficient employment and effective welfare scheme are responsible for this condition of society. The evils of beggary should be stopped by opening homes for beggars where they are given vocational training so that they can earn a decent living. Though the problem of beggary is very complicated, yet we can overcome it by arousing a sense of self respect among the hordes of beggars and divert their potentialities towards some creative work. I just want the readers to take a step towards solving this problem. We cannot lose our youth by letting them choose to earn a living as beggars.

Arwa Ali Asghar


Published in Daily Times, March 5th 2018.