Silent on Syria

For the sake of humanity, we need to raise our voice and save Syria

The social media is flooded with the Syrian war pictures these days. All those pictures are of the innocent kids, wretched men and helpless women who are howling of pain and fear. Some of those images are of dead ones and some of them are of war traumatised innocent people who probably have no clue what did they do to deserve this.

The current situation of Syria makes me wonder if there is still any humanity left within us. Syria is facing the worst humanitarian crisis which is a proof that the humanity of the whole world is lost. We do not need to belong to a specific nationality, race or religion to feel the pain of those people.

Many of us do not even know why Syria is bleeding and what initiated the war in the country. Initially, it was an inter-country conflict between the civilians and government of Bashar-al -Assad, the president of Syria. Later on, the key factor of extension of this war was the intervention of regional and world powers including Russia, Us, Iran and Saudi Arabia. The political, military and financial support from these countries for the government and opposition has contributed directly to the intensification and prolongation of the war which turned Syria into a battleground.

Some countries are giving the refugees from Syria a safe home but no one is thinking about giving them their country back. Why the United Nations and superpowers are not taking effective measures to settle the issue. Instead, most of them are adding fuel to the fire. How can bombing kids and destroying their families help anyone? As a human why they don’t feel the pain Syrians are suffering from? Why is everyone quiet on this? The media hypocrisy on this issue is beyond astounding which is not showing any of this on news channels.

Moreover, the Muslim media is also not giving this issue much attention. Syrian crisis hardly makes it to the headlines or the topic of talk shows in our own country. Despite being a Muslim country, our media is not playing any role in highlighting the issue. Maybe that is because we are already dealing with much bigger problems. Why would we care about Syria when our own children, our own families are unsafe?  We have more important stuff on our schedule like watching PSL, debating over who will replace Nawaz Sharif as party president? and much more like this.

Wake up people! Wake up humanity! Today it is Syria, tomorrow it could be our country. Today, it is them who are bleeding, tomorrow it could be our families. Today their homeland is being destroyed, tomorrow it could be ours. It might be a glimpse of what our future is like. For the sake of humanity, we need to raise our voice and save Syria.