Qibla Ayaz asks for criminalisation of instant divorce

ISLAMABAD: Council of Islamic Ideology Chairman Qibla Ayaz has on Friday asked for criminalisation of instant divorce or ‘triple talaq’.

Talking to BBC Urdu, Ayaz said that the council is preparing a bill against instant divorce and that it would soon be presented before the Ministry of Law for review.

The CII chairman added that although instant divorce nullifies marriage, any final decision pertaining such affairs should only be made by the court.

Ayaz further stated that controversial statements of former CII chief Muhammad Khan Sherani are his personal views and do not represent views of the council in any way.

Talking about women’s role in the country’s development, Ayaz said that women are an essential part of the country’s economic activities and that there is nothing wrong with a women working as long as she maintains norms and values.