DIG instructs all police stations to immediately file FIRs by citizens

ISLAMABAD: Deputy Inspector General of Police (Operations) Mir Vais Niaz on Thursday said that First Information Reports must be registered at police stations on merit and without any delay and inconvenience to the citizens. He was addressing the audience during a ceremony regarding discussion of police performance in different circles. Mir Vais Niaz directed all police officials to launch massive crackdown against drug pushers, wine sellers and those involved in immoral activities so that society can be made peaceful after getting rid of such evils. He categorically asked to focus on resolving public complaints and take every possible step to provide maximum relief to citizens. For fool proof security, Niaz directed to beef up security measures at all important location points and enhance vigilance at check points. IGP Dr Sultan Azam Temuri directed all police officials performing duties at police stations to improve their performance and address the grievances of the masses on immediate basis following the merit to win the confidence and support of the people from the police department. Meanwhile, three special committees were also constituted on direction of Dr Sultan Azam Temuri to promote community policing and resolve the public grievances on immediate basis. Temuri said that the purpose of these committees was to immediately resolve public complaints and bridge the gap between police and the public. He said that one of these committees had been constituted at the level of Central Police Office; one was at SSP level and third was at the level of police stations.

 Published in Daily Times, February  9th2018.