Full court reference pays homage to late Justice Rashid Aziz

ISLAMABAD: A full court reference was held at Supreme Court on Thursday, to pay homage to late Justice Rashid Aziz Khan, a former judge of the apex court, who passed away on November 29, 2014.

Speaking at the reference, the Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar said that our stay in this world is temporary and sooner or later we all shall leave for our eternal abode. He said that death was not the end of life but a voyage from this temporary state to the eternal one, adding that the body may perish but the soul remains and enjoys the eternal life. He said no doubt death is a bitter reality that we all have to face and it has been ordained in the Holly Quran that, “Every soul shall taste death.”

He said Justice Rashid Aziz Khan’s death was a great loss for the legal fraternity.

“He by dint of his hard work reached to the apex court of the country,” he said.

Mian Saqib Nisar also said that Justice Rashid Aziz Khan, throughout his career as a judge, displayed a great understanding of law, quick grasp on various legal issues and a deep insight into the humanitarian affairs. “His contribution to the dispensation of justice will never be forgotten,” he said.

The reference was attended by all the judges of the apex court as well as the Attorney General for Pakistan Ashtar Ausaf Ali, Pakistan Bar Council Vice Chairman Kamran Murtaza and Supreme Court Bar Association President Syed Kalim Ahmad Khurshid.

 Published in Daily Times, February  9th2018.