Quaid-e-Azam Amateur Golf Championship tees off today

LAHORE: In an ideal weather and perfect playing conditions, the Quaid-e-Azam Amateur Golf Championship will tee off at the historic Lahore Gymkhana Club Golf Course here from Friday (today). Addressing a press conference on Thursday, Shaukat Javed, Convener Golf, said that this was a championship for the amateurs, seniors, veterans and women. “It is an event named after the Father of the Nation and the organisers at Lahore Gymkhana are supported by sponsors like Brighto Paints, Pak Arab Developers and Jubilee Insurance who are determined to make it a grand event,” he added. Also present on the occasion were Atif Riaz Sikka of Brighto Paints, Fareed Mukhtar of Jubilee Insurance, Maj Ghulam Murtaza of Pak Arab Developers, Rao Omar Hashim Khan of Trans Media Advertising, Amer Mehmood, Captain Golf, and Khawaja Pervaiz Saeed, Director Media.

Shaukat also shared that a huge number of participants from Lahore were competing and also taking part in the event were leading players from other golf centers of the country. “Due to the presence of skilled golfers, we expect that golf of high quality will be on display and the lucky winner will be the one who applies his golfing skills with devotion and perfection,” he maintained.

Talking of the support of sponsors, Shaukat highlighted that Brighto Paints had become the sponsors for the first time and hoped that this relationship would mature and become permanent. “In the same vein Pak Arab Developers are also a new addition and a great addition in the capacity of sponsors.” As regards the third sponsor – Jubilee Insurance, Fareed Mukhtar, the Regional Manager, announced that they had also offered a Toyota Car for a hole-in-one. “This will substantially enhance the incentive for participating golfers.” Atif Riaz offered ten scholarships for talented golfers from humble backgrounds. Ghulam Murtaza offered incentives for those showing interest in their development schemes. As regards the competitive activities, Pervaiz Saeed said that the senior amateurs and ladies would fight it out on Friday, over 18 holes. The amateurs will compete over two days on Saturday and Sunday.

Notable amongst the amateurs participating in this championship are Afzaal Ahmed, (Margalla) Tariq Mahmood (Margalla), Ralfie Aslam Raja (Rawalpindi), Khalid Mehmood (Rawalpindi), Raja Muhammad Israr (Garden City), Mohammad Rehman (Royal Palm), Zunair Aleem Khan (Raya), Fakhar Imam (Raya), Murad A Khan (Raya) Mohammad Ali (Lahore Garrison), Ayaz Saleem (Lahore Garrison), Salman Jehangir (Gymkhana), Wazir Ali (Gymkhana), Ahmed Zafar Hayat (Gymkhana), Sardar Murad Khan (Gymkhana), Mohsen Zafar (Gymkhana), Robin Bagh, (Gymkhana), Waleed Zubair, (Gymkhana) and a very young one falling in the age bracket 14 years, Mikyel Majid.

Published in Daily Times, February 9th 2018.